Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Narcopolis #1

Jamie Delano & Jeremy Rock

Narcopolis is a new four issue mini-series from Avatar Press, written by Jamie Delano with art that I have to say I really enjoyed, courtesy of Jeremy Rock. The story follows Gray, a man living in a world where all citizens take "suck" drugs to remain docile and passive, and anybody not participating is flagged and investigated. It's a world run by the pleasure of its citizens (sex, drugs, tattoos, spending money, etc), discouraging free thought and inquiries into areas outside of Narcopolis. Indeed the beautiful Agent Love is sent to investigate Gray, immediately after which a group of citizens begin to rip themselves apart in a frenzy right in front of her, literally raining down on her aircraft. Despite some interesting ideas, I felt a lot of deja vu for Grant Morrison's Sea Guy. I did like this first issue though. Like I said before, the art was pretty fantastic, despite the flimsy excuses for eye candy (Gray was at the very least shirtless in pretty much every scene, which I have to admit that I didn't hate here). And the story is propelled by some really eclectic slang dialogue that somehow, I understood all the way through. I actually found it pretty fun to read. Narcopolis is a bloody, violent, sexy book, the kind that I usually find in bad taste, but I admit that I enjoyed every aspect here, despite myself.

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