Thursday, February 07, 2008

The Killer (Volume 1) HC

Matz & Luc Jacamon

The Killer is a comic originally published in France from 1998 to 2003, earning praise for being a gritty noir comic. The artist, Luc Jacamon, has translated it for American audiences via Archaia Studios Press. The story follows an assassin as he waits patiently for a mark to appear across the street from where he's staked out. While he sits alone in a dark room, his mind wanders to past jobs, how he launched his career, and his reasons behind such a life. It's a pretty psychological look at a killer-for-hire, but it doesn't skimp on the action either. Eventually things come to a head at his stakeout and interesting developments occur, offering yet another side to this man whom readers can't help but root for, despite the horrible things he's done.

This comic is really a treat. It's dark and edgy with an interesting look into the mind of a monster. It has great art, a great story, and the quality of the packaging is second to none. This 128-page hardcover is offered at a hefty $19.99 pricetag, but I think it's well worth it, particularly since you can find it at Amazon for $13.50. This is a mean noir story a cut above most genre comics out there.

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