Wednesday, February 13, 2008

ClanDestine #1

Alan Davis

ClanDestine is a five issue mini-series written and pencilled by Alan Davis, who created the property for Marvel UK between stints on Excalibur in the 90's. The title follows the Destine family, where a pair of immortals had a litter of superpowered offspring who must keep their identities secret. For the most part, it doesn't seem like readers need to have read the original series to follow what's going on, but there are references to a member of the family who did something bad, and is now dead. I'm sure it was a major plot point for the original series, and understandable that it would be brought up, as he's the only family member not present, and he seems to have left some devastation in his wake. He's kind of like a black cloud hanging over the lot of them.

Two younger members of the clan seem to be the thrust of the story, Crimson Crusader and Imp, a mischievous pair in bright costumes whose role in the comic remind me quite a bit of Ultimate Spider-Man, and not just because Spider-Man plays a cameo at the beginning of the book. The kids go to school and are teased, and resist the temptation to show off and use their powers. They obviously don't fit in well, and have plenty of adventures with their superpowered brethren and battle equally powerful foes, a group of which have their eyes on the family, on Crimson Crusader and Imp in particular.

Nothing especially interesting occurred in this issue to make me need to get the next issue, but with the original Excalibur soming into the mix in the third issue, I'm going to keep following it nonetheless. Plus, each issue is brimming with fantastic Alan Davis art, so even if it tanks out with the issues to come, it'll still be worth it for the eye candy. Alan Davis was actually the first artist that I recognized whenever I saw his work, and it still stands out to this day.

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