Monday, June 20, 2005

Star Wars: Revelations

This past weekend I saw the 40-minute fan fiction movie "Star Wars: Revelations," which was released on-line, as a profitless venture from a fan who spent $20,000 to make the film. Given the amount of money spent on the creation, it was really well-done. The special effects were decent, standing out sometimes as a little off, sometimes glaringly fake, but passing for realistic every so often. The movie was a little hazy and poorly-acted, but what do you expect from actors getting paid next-to-nothing? The storyline was actually rather compelling, assuming that some jedis remained alive after "Episode III," following the journey of a seer whose sister was a jedi (or jedi-in-training). It was difficult to discern some things that should have been explicit, such as the first vision, when our heroine bumped into a bounty hunter and had a vision in a club. I didn't really catch that she bumped into anybody, so I was lost for a minute or two. And I hate to say it, but I think I've seen better light saber effects on our local college station, which believe me, is pretty bad. And the Emperor looked like he wore a rubber Halloween mask, but hey, the spaceship fights, Vador, the visions...they looked good. But given the budget again, I think the filmmaker did a decent job, and I'm sure he did so hoping to have some sort of offer present itself upon its release, which I don't doubt he will receive.

Comics I'm getting this week:
"Spellbinders #4"
"House of M #2"
"New Avengers #6"
All Marvel, which is pretty lame, but what can you do?

Comics I'm getting next week:
"Runaways #5"
"X-Men: Kitty Pryde: Shadow and Flame #1"
"The Grimoire #3"
"Planetary #23"
"Seven Soldiers: Shining Knight #3"
"Previews (v. XV) #7"

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