Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Must-See TV

I wanted to recommend television shows for your viewing enjoyment, none of which are current because TV sucks now.

~ "Buffy, the Vampire Slayer" - the best television series ever created, very influential in my writing. Give it a chance beyond season one: it sets things up, but doesn't get phenomenal until the next year.

~ "Angel" - the spin-off from "Buffy" that came into its own and progressively got better each season until its untimely demise.

~ "Neon Genesis Evangelion" - the next best series after "Buffy." Really, you've got to watch this, whether you're a fan of anime or not.

~ "His and Her Circumstances" - From the creators of "Evangelion," a romantic comedy series that surprised me and really deserves to be ranked up there with the others on my list.

~ "Twin Peaks" - David Lynch's off-beat murder mystery. Creepy, intense...all without including the girl that the whole series revolves around - a dead teenager, Laura Palmer.

~ "Firefly" - The space western created by Joss Whedon. It didn't even last a full season, but the DVD is packed with extras and we get to see more of this universe in the feature film "Serenity," coming out in Fall.

~ "Alias" - This one has gotten bad in recent seasons, but the first three seasons are great. Go beyond that at your own risk though. Its plots are silly and it tries to take itself too seriously, but if you can look beyond that for a fun genre series, it's worth it.

~ "R.O.D: The TV (Read or Die)" - An anime I started watching on G4TV late at night. It's really intriguing and while I haven't watched the whole series through from episode one to the end, I've seen plenty enough to recommend it. I just watched the movie the series was based on, with characters that the series doesn't even focus on, and will be watching the entire series through Netflix in the weeks to come.

Television (not as good as these) that I find myself watching from time to time now:
~ "Teen Titans, Go!"
~ "Justice League Unlimited" - If I catch it.
~ G4TV ("Attack of the Show," "Icons," "Filter," etc.)
~ MTV ("Real World" stuff, the recently-ended "Newlyweds")
~ Animal Planet (Jeff Corwin, "That's My Baby") lol
~ "Ebert & Roeper"
~ "Totally Spies" - Very occasionally, I swear!

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