Friday, June 17, 2005

May comic charts

The number one comic for this past month was depressingly "Green Lantern #1," followed by a more deserving "Astonishing X-Men." On a more promising note, "Walking Dead (vol 3): Safety Behind Bars" was the number one graphic novel. Image won the crown there, but I was really surprised to see that Image's highest-ranked comic on the issue chart was at number 96. Pretty sad for a top five publisher featured in the front of "Previews." I was also a little sad to see "Machine Teen #1" debut so low (under the top 100), but I suppose all of those all-ages comics like "Livewires" are geared more toward trades and the manga readers anyway. The number one manga in comic stores was "Samurai Executioner." Check out the complete charts for yourself at sites such as,,, and, places I regularly visit for such information.

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