Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Scott Pilgrim's Final Fantasy

I'm assuming most of you have read "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World," so I don't need to tell you how awesome it is and what great taste in women Scott has. But I do have to dwell on the "Final Fantasy" references, because I love the games. Scott is a gamer, obviously, as he plays video games in his basement all the time and talks about Sonic 3 and whatnot. But there were three "Final Fantasy" references in the second volume of this series. The first was playing a guitar melody he got from "Final Fantasy 2," which is my favorite game ever. The older "Final Fantasy" games for the Super Nintendo always had great soundtracks. I remember being really excited when "Final Fantasy 3" was released and you could actually order the soundtrack on CD. Wallace, Scott's roomie, later mentions that Scott cried when he saved over his "Final Fantasy" game, which I think I've done before too. lol. The old FF games are seriously 80+ hours long, and you have to level up your characters to make them stronger and acquire rare items and...to have to redo all that is super-frustrating. Reference #3 was after defeating Ramona's second evil ex-boyfriend, when he collected coins and an item. After every "Final Fantasy" battle, you got coins to purchase things and sometimes an item, something lame like an antidote, or a useful thing like a minthril sword or minthril shield. The skateboard was obviously a reference to this, as it listed the strengths that it would increase, like Luck +3, which the weapons and armor of FF were used for. But, frustrating like in the games, certain weapons and armor can only be used by certain characters. A ninja can use brass knuckles, but a white mage can't. A black mage can use a magic wand, but a warrior can't. Same thing with Scott Pilgrim. He says he should have taken those skateboarding lessons, but he never did, so the item he earned didn't help him in the least.

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