Saturday, June 11, 2005

100 Things I Love About Comics (In no particular order)

1. Meeting my boyfriend, Patrick, over a magazine featuring the "X-Men" movie.

2. DC: I don't read many of their titles, but it's just awesome to know that there's another universe out there beyond Marvel's superheros.

3. Mark Smylie's magnificently-rendered world of "Arteseia."

4. Kitty Pryde, the reason I got drawn into Comics and my favorite character to date.

5. "Birds of Prey"

6. The anticipation of the next "Batman" movie, while growing up.

7. "Runaways" - Brilliant premise, most original comic Marvel's published in years.

8. "Midnight, Mass," particularly the "Here There Be Monsters" mini. More, please!

9. Working on the designs for Patrick's comic.

10. Working on my comic.

11. Crossgen - What can I say? I was a fan...

12. "Bone"

13. "Exiles"

14. "Batman: The Animated Series"

15. The Uncanny X-Men

16. "My Sexual History" by David Heatley

17. Gilbert Hernandez' "Palomar" and "Poison River"

18. "Captain Britain" - Love the run by Alan Moore and Alan Davis, and Tom Defalco's run with Davis, as well.

19. Marvel Universe Series One trading cards, particularly the Shadowcat card, that introduced me to the wonderful world of comics.

20. The "Spider-man" animated series of the 90's

21. Silver Sable

22. The epic masterpiece "Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind" by Hayao Miyazaki

23. "A Distant Soil"

24. "Aria"

25. Discussing comics with Patrick (AKA listening to some amazing rants)

26. Looking through "Previews" with Patrick

27. Looking up the new shipping lists for comics every week

28. "Excaliber," the original series, that drew me in. My first ever comic!

29. Chris Claremont's "The Dark Phoenix Saga," my favorite comic story

30. Black Widow

31. "Elektra: Assassin" - the perfect superhero comic

32. Frank Miller's "Daredevil"

33. "X-2: X-Men United" - My second favorite movie after "Kill Bill"

34. "Courtney Crumrin"

35. "Battle Royale"

36. Looking up the comic/graphic novel charts

37. Growing up reading "Wizard"

38. Reading comics news on-line

39. "Ghost World"

40. "Whiteout" and "Whiteout: Melt"

41. Bill Sienkiewicz

42. Jay Anacledo

43. Steve McNiven

44. James Jean's comic covers

45. Brandon Peterson

46. "Meridian"

47. "Mystic"

48. Alan Moore - particularly "From Hell," "Promethea," and "Captian Britian"

49. Making lists and quizzes for comics (for/with Patrick)

50. Chicago Wizard World comic convention

51. Stores like The Source and Big Brain in Minnesota

52. "Spider-man 2"

53. "X-Men" animated series

54. Live-action "Batman" TV series - Julie Newmar is awesome. Is it sick that I had a crush on Burt Ward?

55. Poison Ivy - the ultimate villain

56. "The Incredibles"

57. The World's Best Comic Magazine "Fantastic Four"

58. "The Avengers"

59. "Alias" - Brian Michael Bendis' best work

60. Vertigo titles like "Y-the Last Man" and "Fables"

61. The Walking Dead"

62. Speakeasy Comics - What can I say? Crossgen left a void in my heart...

63. "Freak Force" and "Savage Dragon" (in that order)

64. "Days of Future Past"

65. "Astonishing X-Men" - Cassaday, Whedon, yes.

66. "New X-Men" - Grant Morrison's legendary run. Intro of the Stepford Cuckoos!

67. "Abadazad"

68. "Peanuts"

69. Grant Morrison

70. "Sin City"

71. The "X-Men" arcade game. I rocked with Dazzler. I am so undeniably gay.

72. Collecting "X-Men" action figures

73. Marvel Masterpieces card series

74. "Ultimate Spider-man"

75. Mystique in the "X-Men" movies

76. "Scott Pilgrim"

77. "Spellbinders" and those teenage witch comics I find myself attracted to

78. All-ages comics like "Owly," "Abadazad," and "The Grimoire"

79. Horror comics like "30 Days of Night" and "Mora"

80. Joss Whedon writing comics

81. My Kitty Pryde bust

82. Age of Apocalypse

83. Onslaught

84. Emma Frost

85. The Hellfire Club

86. "We3"

87. "Teen Titans: Go!"

88. Lynda Barry

89. James Kochalka

90. "Scion"

91. Julie Bell's superhero paintings

92. Free Comic Book Day

93. "X" spin-off titles like "X-Factor," "X-Force," and "Generation X"

94. "Ruse"

95. "The Inter-man"

96. "X-Men: Legends"

97. "Sojourn"

98. X-girls like Meggan, Siryn, Psylocke, Polaris and Rogue

99. "Jello-Man and Wiggly" - some goofy little comic I got growing up that paved the way for me

100. Manga culture ex. Boy/Boy manga, the girl fans, fetishism for Japanese authenticity, etc.

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