Friday, November 20, 2009

The Week In Awesome! Star Trek and More

Here are five things that excited me over the past week!

1. Star Trek on DVD - The latest Star Trek movie, rebooting the franchise after breathing new life into the characters and its universe, came to DVD and Blu-Ray this week.  J.J. Abrams' science fiction film was largely successful and critically-acclaimed, with great casting and wonderful action effects.

2. The Twilight Saga: New Moon in theaters - It's getting pretty abysmal reviews, but the latest movie in the highly successful supernatural films adapted from the teen novels hit theaters at midnight last night, featuring the stars we've seen plastered all over magazines without a moment's breath for the past year (well, perhaps a pause when Michael Jackson died).  Featuring a buffed-up Taylor Lautner and the villianous Volturi, this was my least favorite book, but you can't deny the eye candy.

3. Mr. Marvel canceled - Not that I'm excited about this, because I really, really enjoyed this Marvel superhero series, but Ms. Marvel will be ending with issue #50, according to the issue's solicitations through Previews Catalogue, with a "double-sized final issue."  Hopefully it will be reborn in another form somewhere down the line, without the constant interuptions of company-wide crossovers, but it will be hard to replace Brian Reed as writer.  Oh, and Oprah's show is ending too or something.

4. "Keeping Secrets" by Skye - Boasting a powerful voice and some pretty haunting, interesting sounds, "Keeping Secrets" looks to be a real breakthrough album for Skye.  Check out "Exhale" on I-Tunes.

5. Neon Genesis Evangelion Movie 1.01: You Are (Not) Alone - The first of four movies that "rebuild" the anime television series came to DVD this week after a successful run in Japan.

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