Sunday, November 29, 2009

Previews HYPE: February '10

Diligently wading through the phone book that is Previews Catalogue so you don't have are ten choice books shipping to comic shops in February that I think may get overlooked or that I'm just plain excited about...

1. Hernandez Brothers collections - There are several new collections featuring Hernandez Brothers comics, for whichever of the three formats you are collecting Love & Rockets in.  In the original softcover format, Gilbert Hernandez is releasing High Soft Lisp, featuring my favorite Love & Rockets character Fritz.  New in the thick omnibus hardcover collections, we get Gilbert Hernandez' continued look at his most popular character from Palomar in Luba.  And finally, in the new-reader-friendly line of softcovers, Jamie Hernandez is coming out with a collection featuring Penny Century.

2. The John Stanley Library: Melvin Monster (Volume 2) HC - I really enjoyed the first collection featuring John Stanley's silly monster Melvin Monster and his adventures.  This continues collecting the fun series.

3. The Comics: An Illustrated History of Comic Strip Art - This softcover collection updates the 1974 edition of the book that chronicles the beginnings and important contributions to comic strips over the years.

4. Night Owls (Volume 1) TP - The first collection of the Zuda on-line comic featuring a group of odd paranormal investigators.

5. Wonder Woman Chronicles (Volume 1) TP - DC continues to collect its most popular heroes' adventures in chronological order, and sets their sights on their leading heroine.

6. Fantastic Four by Jonathan Hickman (Volume 1) HC - The latest run on Fantastic Four has been getting a lot of buzz, featuring new writer Jonathan Hickman.  If you haven't been reading the floppies, you may want to jump on board with this first collection.

7. The Search For Smilin' Ed! - The latest graphic novel offering by Alias the Cat creator Kim Deitch!

8. Dan DeCarlo's Jetta HC - Part of IDW's exciting Yoe Books! imprint, this is a collection of DeCarlo's pre-Jetsons space-aged high school soap opera.  Think Archie in space.

9. Area 10 HC - New in DC's Vertigo Crime imprint is a graphic novel by Christos N. Gage and Chris Samnee, featuring a police search for a head-hunting serial killer and a man whose brain injury grants him the key to help solve the case.

10. CLAMP In America SC - This is a history of superstar creative group CLAMP, including a detailed look at the manga they've created over the past twenty years.

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