Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Age of Reptiles: The Journey #1 (of 4)

Ricardo Delgado
The Journey is the third mini-series from Ricardo Delgado's Age of Reptiles series, following Tribal Warfare and The Hunt. Unlike those previous two mini-series however, this book isn't focused almost exclusively on carnivorous dinosaurs (although they certainly make an appearance, and create quite a shake-up when they do) and contains far less gore. Like those previous incarnations, The Journey is a silent comic. Delgado could certainly have gone the route of having the dinosaurs talk, or make noises at the very least, but he keeps things quite realistic, even if the dinosaurs do do cute things on occasion. Despite being silent, Delgado manages to assign personalities to the giant lizards, especially the tyrannosaurus rex who eventually comes into the mix before leaving reluctantly without any prize to show his/her young. The Journey is about a great migration that the dinosaurs are making. All different types of herbivores (and a few smaller carnivores) are trekking across the beautiful land, including triceratops and ankylosaurus, with great herds of their kind mingling with that of others and, for the most part, getting along. But we're reminded time and again that nature is cruel and that the weak are consumed, and that the strongest survive. This book is just a nice beautiful read. Delgado has some nice touches thrown in, like of how the dinosaur herds all sleep together, the brontosaurus sleeping standing up in a circle around their young, their heads and tails laying on one another like they were intricately laced. It's very lovely, and when the tyrannosaurus does make an attempt at one of the young triceratops, it's not the typical confrontation that we've seen between the two bitter enemies, but the rex simply realizes that he/she is not in a position to win. This book is thoughtful, fluid and quite pretty, and certainly worth the cover price.

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