Monday, November 02, 2009

Monga Monday: Sugarholic

Sugarholic (Volume 1)
Gong GooGoo
Sugarholic is a manhwa starring Jae-Gyu Sin, a lazy tomboyish character who used to bully kids when she was younger, and hasn't lost that tendency, as she's still loud and pretty violent to those around her. When her ancestral home is destroyed in a landslide, she is sent by her grandmother from the country to the big city to live with her reluctant brother in a fancy apartment, in a fish-out-of-water sort of tale, as she really isn't suited to the city life, at least not initially. I think her grandmother realized this, and used the excuse of the landslide to send this undisciplined girl out into the real world, since she is the kind of woman to teach a girl a lesson the hard way, like with the value of money, as is demonstrated by the bare minimum she sends Jae-Gyu into the city with, which ends up getting the irresponsible girl into trouble. I think the word obnoxious suits Jae-Gyu best, and I can't figure out why her childhood "friend" whom she tormented, now a famous musician, would be infatuated by her, let alone another gorgeous stranger (on the run from his overbearing father, who wants him out of the country to avoid being with a girl he doesn't approve of) she bumps into a few times. Jae-Gyu is very rough around the edges. She may look pretty with a little make-up on and when she runs a brush through her hair (an event that takes place practically by force), but I find this situation of men falling for her like this pretty ridiculous, and can't imagine any readers feeling like they have anything in common with such a trouble-making, abrasive protagonist. The secondary characters are much more likable. Gong GooGoo seems like a talented artist, using beautiful soft lines to illustrate the scenes, and any forthcoming works by the creator may be worth checking out, but Sugarholic is far from the addicting read that the title implies.

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