Saturday, November 07, 2009

Cinderella: From Fabletown with Love #1 (of 6)

Chris Roberson & Shawn McManus
Seemingly ditsy fashion aficionado by day, secret spy for Fabletown by night - that's the idea behind Cinderella in Fables, the Vertigo book that this six-issue mini-series spins out from. Cindy has been one of my favorite Fables characters because of this dynamic, and this new series doesn't disappoint, as we see Cinderella perform some James Bond-ish moves as she works to track down some magical Fable weapons that are being smuggled into the "mundy" world, that could expose the immortal Fables to the humans. This is really a fun book to read because Cinderella is such a cheeky character. Throw in the undercover action and it's easily better than that other Fables spin-off (Jack of Fables). Chris Roberson comes up with a nice story for Cinderella to show off her talents, one that incorporates many favorite Fables characters, and big enough to really show readers what Cindy is made of. McManus does a fine job of illustrating the adventure, executing some nice fight scenes and drawing in a style similar to what we're familiar with in the main Fables book. But I think the real stand-out artist here is that cover artist, Chrissie Zullo. Zullo is new to the comics scene, but definitely worth keeping an eye on because that cover is just beautiful. Anyways, nice first issue, great premise - I whole-heartedly recommend this to readers of Fables proper, and the book gives enough information to fluidly welcome new readers into the fold as well.

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