Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man #1

Brian Michael Bendis & David LaFuente
Clunky title aside, this is still a good example of a mainstream superhero comic, appropriate for all ages, in the tradition of the recently-wrapped Ultimate Spider-Man. LaFuente has a nice art style to follow up Immonen, and Bendis is writing the same sorts of stories he wrote before the title's relaunch. And while there isn't a drastic change to the title, it is a nice start to the new incarnation of the book. It breathes a little fresh air into the series, having some time gone by and circumstances changing, most notably public opinion of everyone's favorite neighborhood Spider-Man, and that Peter is with Gwen Stacy. Having not read any of the other Ultimate titles, I'm not sure what really went down in the Ultimatum crossover, but I guess it doesn't effect this title too much. The knowledge that there was a disaster is enough and I think anything that comes into the book to illustrate any change that has come about in wake of the event will be explained (or we should hope, given a certain character's entrance at the end of this first issue). I'm happy with this debut and with where the book's going, the new positions of the characters, the new artist, and the villain that's been established. A fine debut issue.

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