Friday, August 28, 2009

Spin Angels #1 (of 3)

Jean-Luc Sala & Pierre-Mony Chan
Spin Angels is the latest book to be published by Marvel Comics state-side through their partnership with Soleil. Each issue in the mini-series, like the other Soleil/Marvel offerings, is a super-sized 48 pages in length, priced at $5.99. This book is charged with political intrigue, conspiracy theories and black-op assignments all with the backdrop of the Catholic Church in a Da Vinci Code sort of way. The protagonists of the book are a group of investigators that work for the Black Office of the Vatican: Sofia D'Agostino is the lead investigator that goes relic hunting in the field to track down artifacts to be dated and authenticized, Kyu is the mad scientist-type who develops tech gear ala James Bond, and Marches is the man maneuvering the group behind the scenes. In wake of the tragic loss of a comrade on an expedition, Marches hires a bodyguard of sorts as well: the ladies' man, blunt gung-ho assassin Angelo Costanza. He rubs most of the staff the wrong way, but as is seen throughout this first issue, comes in handy in a pinch. The characters may not be the most fully-realized, but they are a good contrast to one another. This is quite the action-packed story, complete with great set-up and interesting goings-on. The pacing and suspense level are pretty much top-notch thanks to the clear pencils of Chan, with his lush detailed environments. You can definitely see manga influence in his work too, especially when it comes to character expressions, and it suits the world he paints here, both realistic and cartoony at the same time, pretty perfectly. Spin Angels is another example of high-quality genre work turned out by European creators, and thanks to Marvel's partnership with Soleil, we have the pleasure of experiencing these great adventures as well.


Anonymous said...

there are actually 4.


Dave Ferraro said...

Oops...thanks for the correction!