Tuesday, August 18, 2009

In Stores 8/19

Here are the highlights of books available at comic shops tomorrow!
Pick of the Week
Ooku: The Inner Chambers (Volume 1) - This is a new exciting manga from Fumi Yoshinaga, the creator of Antique Bakery. It's an alternate history of Japan during the Edo Period that sees a plague wipe out most of the male population, and women taking on roles formerly held by men. Read my review of this great new series here.
Other Noteworthy Releases
20th Century Boys (Volume 4)
A.D.: New Orleans After the Deluge
Astonishing X-Men: Ghost Boxes HC
Astral Project (Volume 4)
Astro Boy Movie Adaptation #1
Avengers Forever HC
Batgirl #1
Beyond Wonderland HC
Black Is For Beginners GN
Black Widow: Sting of the Widow HC
Blackest Night: Superman #1
Bomb Queen Omnibust (Volume 1) HC
Daredevil #500
Dark Avengers (Volume 1): Assemble
Dark Entries HC
Days Missing #1 (of 5)
Filthy Rich HC
Gargoyles (Volume 2): Clan Building TP
Gargoyles: Bad Guys TP
Hot Gimmick VizBig Edition (Volume 2)
Mighty Avengers: Earth's Mightiest HC
Ms. Marvel: War of Marvels Must-Have One-Shot
New Avengers (Volume 11): Search For Sorcerer Supreme HC
Punisher: Dark Reign HC
Punisher Noir #1 (of 4)
Spider-Man/Mary Jane: You Just Hit the Jackpot TP
Unknown Soldier (Volume 1): Haunted House TP
X-Factor: Time and a Half HC

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