Saturday, September 06, 2008

Inside Vineland

Lauren R. Weinstein
Since I really enjoyed Weinstein's Goddess of War #1 recently, I thought I'd read some older material from her, and we happened to have this one around the house, so this was it. Inside Vineland is a collection of short stories, from one-page gags to stories featuring a robot that take up roughly half of the book. The gags are pretty funny for the most part, sometimes a little weird, but nothing's as weird as the creepy story "Robot Quest For Love." There are some really screwed-up things happening in that story that are funny, disturbing and sometimes oddly familiar. While I did like the Robot stories, my favorite thing in this book was probably the "Self Visualization Activities," where you put yourself into a scene. They were just fun. I don't know what psychedelic muse Weinstein is channeling to come up with this crazy material, but it's original and speaks volumes of her creativity.

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