Tuesday, September 16, 2008

In Stores 9/17

Here are the books with most potential shipping to comic shops on Wednesday!
Pick of the Week
Ultra: Seven Days TP (New Printing) - One of the best superhero comics that I've ever read, The Luna Brothers' debut work gets a new printing!! Dig it!
Other Noteworthy Releases

Afro Samurai (Volume 1) SC
Age of the Sentry #1 (of 6)
All Star Superman #12 - The final
.....Morrison/Quitely issue!
Astro Boy (Volume 1 & 2) TP - Two
.....volumes in one!
Captain America (Volume 2):
.....Death of Captain America TP
Greatest Hits #1 (of 6)
Incredible Hercules: Against the
.....World TP
Janes In Love TP
Justice League of America (Volume 1): Tornado's Path TP
Local HC
Marvel Masterworks: Fantastic Four (Volume 11) HC
Power Pack: Day One TP
Spider-Man: Brand New Day (Volume 3) HC
Superman: Kryptonite HC

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