Tuesday, September 30, 2008

In Stores 10/1

These are the books with most potential shipping to comic shops this Wednesday...

Pick of the Week

My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down HC - I fell in love with David Heatley's work with his unflinching autobiographical "Sex History." This book includes that story, as well as five others, mostly focusing on his family, but also including a look into his own racism. This is sure to be clever and observant.

Other Noteworthy Releases

Against Pain HC - Ron Rege Jr.'s
.....new book
The Alcoholic HC
American Dream: Beyond
.....Courage TP
Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter in The Laughing Corpse #1 (of 5)
Aya of Yop City HC
Boys (Volume 3) TP
Cairo SC
The Complete Chester Gould's Dict Tracy (Volume 5) HC
The Complete Peanuts HC 1967-1970 Box Set
Countdown To Final Crisis (Volume 3) TP
Dark Tower: The Long Road Home HC
Digger (Volume 1) GN
Gantz (Volume 2)
Green Arrow/Black Canary: Wedding Album HC
Harvey Comics CLassics (Volume 4): Baby Huey TP
Justice (Volume 2) TP
Moomin: The Complete Tove Jannson Comic Strip (Volume 3) HC
My Heavenly Hockey Club (Volume 6)
No Hero #1 (of 7)
Savage Sword of Conan (Volume 4) TP
The Spirit (Volume 2) HC
Terror Titans #1 (of 6)
Top Ten: Season Two #1 (of 4)
Ultimate Iron Man II Premiere HC
Vixen: Return of the Lion #1 (of 5)

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