Thursday, September 04, 2008

Ms. Marvel Annual #1

Brian Reed & Mark A. Robinson
The first Ms. Marvel Annual is written by regular series writer Brian Reed and takes place before the events of Secret Invasion. It pairs up funny-guy Spider-Man with the serious, militant Ms. Marvel, which makes for a great contrast, and in the end, they make for quite a good team despite different fighting styles. Being on opposite sides of the Civil War, there's tension and a constant barrage of threats (and jokes) between them, but they are both superheroes and act as such, putting aside their differences (well, perhaps not vocally) to stop a greater evil than the wedge that has been forced between the two Avengers teams. The story's pretty straight-forward. Basically, two superheroes fight a bunch of robots. But it's really the cool dynamic between the characters that make for such a great issue. It's just too bad Brian Reed couldn't have been paired up with a better artist. Robinson gets the job done, but the action sequences are clear only about half the time, which doesn't sit well in a superhero comic. His cartoony style is well-suited for the type of goofy story told here, but that's about all he has going for him. Anyway, great team-up here - hopefully we'll see more of these kinds of interesting pairings in the future, and perhaps a reunion between Carol and Peter soon, fun as it was to hear them bicker.

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