Sunday, June 29, 2008

Wizard World Chicago 2008

Another Wizard World come and gone...and as predicted, I only needed to stay for one day. Plenty of empty space on the show floor, publishers and retailers from the past noticeably absent, with no stars gracing the spotlight like in years past. There was a thin herd of people on opening day with the staff not bothering to wait to let people in at ten A.M. when the show officially began. Pretty sad. I kind of treat this as a place to shop for discounts and hunt for back issues now, not even bothering with the poor choice of panels. This show needs to be saved somehow - bought out and brought back to its former glory. Wizard seemed to try a few things this time around...somehow coercing Warren Ellis to its paltry show...offering an alternative comics panel with Jessica Abel and Matt Madden...but too little, too late. Publishers were obviously keeping announcements in check for the San Diego Comic-Con next month, but we did get a few tastes of things to come. The biggest news was Erik Larsen stepping down as Publisher of Image Comics. Other than that there's Secret Warriors, spun out of Secret Invasion from Marvel, and the confirmation of the long-delayed Marvel series featuring Spider-Woman - Spider-Woman: Agent of S.W.O.R.D. A favorite Image title of mine, a dark, scary little vampire comic that was cancelled after three issues, Impaler, is being resurrected with a trade collection and then an ongoing series. And a few teaser images were released...nothing too big. Of course, everything was overshadowed by the death of Michael Turner on Friday night. Anyways, Patrick hunted for John Byrne comics and came up with the complete Lab Rats and the first half-dozen or so issues of Doom Patrol, Namor and Blood of the Demon and a few missing issues of Superman & Batman: Generations 3. He also got the first six issues of The Spectre by John Ostrander. I got the following:

Alright, we're going to San Diego for Comic-Con this year, so see you all there!

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