Monday, June 30, 2008

Manga Monday: Rin!

Rin! (Volume 1)
Satoru Kannagi & Yukine Honami
Two established yaoi creators combine forces to create a new yaoi series in Rin! Satoru Kannagi, writer of Only the Ring Finger Knows, and Yukine Honami, artist of Desire (among others), bring readers a tale of two childhood friends in a strange tale of love. Katsura suffers from crippling anxiety attacks. The only thing that seems to help him get over them is a hug from his brother’s long-time friend Sou, who seems to take it in stride and indulge him. But as they’re in high school, the rumors run rampant and it’s getting to be a source of stress for everyone. With a big archery tournament approaching however, Katsura can hardly let go of this extra reassurance now. When fellow archer Kouichi offers to take over for Sou, and comes on to Katsura, the relationships of all those involved changes. This is kind of a weird premise, but if you can buy that initial idea (which is asking a lot), the book plays out really well in a story full of tension and emotions on high. The characters are all a little two-dimensional, but it’s hard not to wish the best for vulnerable, na├»ve Katsura as he battles to gain control of his body in more ways than one. Sweet and satisfying, this is a great first volume of a three-volume yaoi manga series, and a successful pairing of two yaoi creators.

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