Sunday, June 29, 2008

Madame Xanadu #1

Matt Wagner & Amy Reeder Hadley
A new ongoing series launched from Vertigo this past week, focusing on a mystic of the DC universe, Madame Xanadu. She’s part of the present DC universe, but this new series will explore her origins back in the day of Merlin and the fall of Camelot. The first issue follows her when she was known as the nymph Nimue, and is asked by local druids to use her influence to stop the darkness that is creeping over the kingdom. After a few encounters with a mysterious individual and a talk with her difficult, self-absorbed sister Morgana, Nimue sees the beginning of the end of Camelot.
I was pretty psyched going into this book because I’m a fan of the whole girl witch genre, and the previews I’d seen of this looked promising. Unfortunately, it’s pretty bland. I wasn’t expecting the series to be set in the past when I picked it up, and I think that may have contributed to my poor reception. But had I known, it’s still full of stereotypical fantasy figure after another. The art is competent but unremarkable for the most part, though there are a few scenes that stand out, particularly with Merlin. I’m not sure what this series is going to turn into, but as is, it’s a very poor debut.

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