Thursday, June 05, 2008

Manhunter #31

Marc Andreyko & Michael Gaydos
After being absent from comic shelves for several months, Manhunter returns this week with a new artist in the talented Michael Gaydos of Alias fame, his dark look an appropriate and welcome compliment to the dark, violent book featuring vigilante Kate Spencer, lawyer by day, Manhunter by night. This issue was very new-reader-friendly, the first two pages recapping Manhunter's rise to prominence and the conflicts Kate faces with family and identity. Following this, the book doesn't miss a beat, throwing Kate head-first into action as she battles The Atomic Skull at a Hollywood movie premiere. As the issue progresses, readers get a little taste of the different aspects of the book, an introduction for new readers, but also a nice refresh for the fans. A new mystery is also established, as women are disappearing near the border, drawing little interest from law enforcement. But Kate is immediately on the case, researching the large amount of missing persons and homicides, and flying out to the scene. The most exciting part of the issue was the hint of the Joker's upcoming appearance in the book, as her former-mad-scientist-sidekick Dylan receives a little gift from the villain. And then there's another little guest spot at the end of the issue. Overall, the title resumes right where it left off, not missing a beat. The events are interesting as they ever were, with an art style that's not too much of a jarring transition, but is a great change nonetheless. Let's just hope that readers who have been interested in checking out the series have gotten caught up on the trades and warrant DC's continuing to publish the title without another scheduled cancellation needing to be saved by ravenous fans. Given the quality of this book compared to most DC titles, I welcome Manhunter's return and hope she's here to stay for a long while.

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