Friday, June 13, 2008

The Complete Chester Gould's Dick Tracy

Volume 3: 1935-1936
Chester Gould

In case anyone's keeping track, Comics-and-More turned three-years-old this week! Hooray! Hopefully I'll be going for years to come. Anyways, on to the review...

The third volume of IDW's The Complete Chester Gould's Dick Tracy sees plenty of good stuff, including the introduction of Toby, a cute blonde cashier at Mary Steele's new restaurant who soon joins Dick Tracy's posse of supporting characters. Unfortunately there is that whole incident with Chief Yellowpony and his, um, squaws...pretty cringe-worthy stuff...but once we're past that hump...oh, and the black driver to a, and that...well, let's just say that all racial stereotypes aside, there's a lot of fun to be had in this latest collection of classic adventure strips. I'm especially glad that this is the last volume to dawn the profile of one of the supporting characters. They were already scraping the bottom of the barrel with the chief on the cover of this one. I noticed that Pat Patton, Dick's trusted sidekick, was set to be the cover of the fourth book, but it seems that it was changed at the last minute for a better cover with more interesting-looking villains from a panel from the strip - a good choice, especially with some of the exciting villains to come (The Blank, I noticed, already appears in volume four). I've been finding it hard to work comic strips into my reading schedule, but something that seems to work for me is reading about a month's worth of strips at bedtime. I tend to get through the material at a decent speed that way and it doesn't get too tedious. There's just so much material in these reprint projects that it's hard for me to take time away from other stuff to read them, but I'm certainly glad to be getting the chance to pour over these classics. Between Dick Tracy, Terry and the Pirates, Peanuts, Krazy Kat and the upcoming Little Orphan Annie, it's still going to be difficult to find time for everything I want to read, but with such A-grade material, I can hardly complain at its availability. I only wish there were more time in the day.

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