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Previews: May '08 Comics

Patrick and I take a look through the latest Previews catalogue and pick out the highlights for books shipping to comic stores in May.

Aardvark Vanaheim:

Patrick: Judenhass - Dave Sim examines the historical roots of the Holocaust in this new graphic novel.

Adhouse Books:

Patrick: Skyscrapers of the Midwest - I’ve heard nothing but great things about this comic by Joshua Cotter, but I don’t know that I ever saw an issue. Fortunately, it’s now collected in this hardcover volume.

Archaia Studios Press:

Dave: Runners: The Big Snow Job #1 (of 6) - A new mini-series from a critically-acclaimed science fiction series. If you're interested enough to get the original black and white collection, that's also offered again this month from Serve Man Press.

Dark Horse:

Patrick: The Umbrella Academy: Apocalypse Suite - Gerard Way’s and Gabriel Ba’s well-received series is collected here, surprisingly without a James Jean cover.

DC Comics:

Dave: DC Universe: Zero - It all comes down to this, the bridge between the crossovers Countdown and Final Crisis.

Drawn and Quarterly:

Patrick: Goodbye - I’ve heard rumors this may be the final collection of work by Gekiga pioneer Yoshihiro Tatsumi, but the solicitation doesn’t say anything about this being the final volume, so we’ll see, I guess.


Patrick: So That’s Where the Demented Wented: Rory Hayes - This is going to be fantastic. A retrospective of underground cartoonist Rory Hayes, edited by Dan Nadel (who also featured the artist in his excellent book, Art Out of Time), featuring the best of Hayes’ comics work, plus paintings, covers, and other ephemera. Commentary by the artist’s brother, Geoffrey Hayes, a rare interview with the artist himself, and a career-spanning essay by Edward Pouncey are also included in what is sure to one of the best archival comics projects this year.

Amor Y Cohetes - This book collects all of the odds and ends from the first volume of Los Bros. Hernandez’ Love and Rockets in the “digest” format. All the non-Maggie, non-Palomar stuff is here, including Jaime’s “Rocky and Fumble” stories, Gilbert’s “BEM” and “Errata Stigmata,” and more. I really enjoy the new format of the Love and Rockets reprints, so I’m looking forward to completing my collection with this volume.

:01 First Second Books:

Dave: Life Sucks GN - Jessica Abel's graphic novel featuring drama and vampires.

Little Vampire GN - Joann Sfar's classic character gets three stories collected in this one volume, featuring the vampire from Vampire Loves, but as a cute little bloodsucker.


Patrick: The Compleat Next Men Vol. 1 - Can’t…stop…posting…about…John Byrne! At one point in my comics reading life, John Byrne’s Next Men was one of my favorite comic books. I haven’t revisited the material in years, so I have no idea how well it holds up, but I’m eager to find out with this book, collecting #0-12 of the series, plus the “prequel” graphic novel, 2112.

Image Comics:

Dave: Firebreather #1 - Firebreather's back in a new monthly series!

Suburban Glamour (Volume 1) TP - Jamie McKelvie's mini-series really surprised me. Loved it.


Patrick: Runaways: Dead End Kids Premiere HC - I think the fact that the comic book has been subject to some publishing delays, and that the writer is working on a couple of other books featuring much more high profile characters, has resulted in people overlooking Joss Whedon’s six-issue run on Runaways, which is too bad, because it’s pretty good, featuring an interesting story and a lot of brand new characters. Very nice art by Michael Ryan and Christina Strain, too.

You can get your Hulk on in May, as Marvel is putting out a lot of books featuring the Green Goliath, I guess in anticipation of the new movie. I’m most looking forward to Hulk Visionaries: John Byrne Vol. 1, collecting Incredible Hulk #314-19, Incredible Hulk Annual #14, and Marvel Fanfare #29. Last year’s popular “event” mini-series is collected in May, under the stupid title Hulk: WWH - World War Hulk, along with a bunch of the spin-off series (Hulk: WWH - X-Men, Hulk: WWH - Herc, Hulk: WWH - Front Line, and Hulk: WWH - Gamma Corps). Also, don’t miss Essential Rampaging Hulk Vol. 1, collecting stories from those old black and white, magazine format comics Marvel used to put out. Oh, and The Incredible Hulk Vol. 1 Omnibus is out in May, although I think it may have been offered in Previews before.

Dave: Sky Doll #1 (of 3) - This international bestseller is the first comic to be released through Marvel's new partnership with French publisher Soleil. The art looks pretty amazing.

Guardians of the Galaxy #1 - Spinning out of Annihilation: Conquest, this book features a team of cosmic characters. I was a fan of the original Guardians of the Galaxy, but it seems that this is a revival of the name with no original members in sight...

Captain Britain and MI:13 #1 - Being a fan of the original Excalibur, it's nice to see one of the characters in their own book. This one seems to be starting out examining Secret Invasion events in England.

Angel: Revelations #1 (of 5) - Original X-Man Angel has his origin told. X-Man Colossus also gets an origin told this month in X-Men Origin: Colossus.

X-Men: Kitty Pryde and Wolverine Premiere HC - I read this so long ago that I really don't know if it's any good, but it's about time they collected it.

Excalibur Classic (Volume 5) TP - I'm ecstatic that Marvel's collecting more of these. Keep 'em coming.

Oni Press:
Dave: Salt Water Taffy #1 - I really enjoyed Matthew Loux's Sidescrollers, so I'm happy to see a new work from the creator.

Seven Seas Entertainment LLC:

Dave: Chiggers HC - New Hope Larson!

Dave: Cat Eyed Boy GNs - Two volumes of Kazuo Umezu's creepy Cat Eyed Boy manga are due out this month!! Yay!

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