Sunday, March 16, 2008

Echo #1

Terry Moore
I've never read a Terry Moore comic before. I bought the first volume of the Strangers In Paradise not too long ago, but haven't gotten around to cracking it open yet. But if the first issue of Moore's new series Echo is any indication, I'm going to love it, and am rather eager to dig in to the creator's popular series.
Echo begins with a woman, Annie, testing out a new beto suit, flying across the skies with skin like mercury. Then her superiors do something unexpected: to test the endurance of the suit during a field test, they shoot missiles at her. An explosion ensues, and suddenly the mercury-material from the suit rains down to the ground below in little pellets. Unfortunately, the ground is not clear of pedestrians, as was assumed. A young woman, Julie, is caught in the downpour, with pellets stuck to her skin, unsure of what's going on, freaking out, until something somehow compels the pellets into action.
I liked the structure of this issue, beginning with a woman who would die before long, then shifting to the main character of the series in a pretty spectacular sequence of pages. The art is pretty fantastic too. Terry Moore is a really great cartoonist, and I loved the looks of the characters he introduces, as well as the way he presents the action. This is another one of those books I come across every once in awhile where I pause to examine the art on the pages, and try to read it a little slower, to savor it. Terry Moore hits a homerun with this one.

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