Monday, March 17, 2008

Manga Monday: Fever

Fever (Volume 1)
Hee Jung Park
Fever is a new manhwa series from Tokyopop, the first of several titles to come out by Hee Jung Park, one of Korea's top female creators (Hotel Africa, Too Long and Martin and John are being released in subsequent months). The book follows a cast of individuals who don't really fit in for various reasons. The high school girl that most of this first book is seen through is angry, bitter Hyung-in, whose only real friend has committed suicide, and whose upper-class family is completely embarrassed by her. She opts to leave this life behind, seeking out the sanctuary provided by a group of misfits who go to an alternative school named Fever. While the art is elegant and really beautiful to look at, the storytelling is a little clumsy: It's not very fluid, it's brisk, things aren't made very clear (I couldn't tell you what Fever was by the end of the book without having read the publisher's synopsis), with characters inexplicably drawn to each other with no significant connection to one another. There is interesting stuff there, things from the characters' pasts and how they deal with daily life among schoolmates and family, but in the end, I was bored reading this first volume, and I certainly won't be subjecting myself to a second helping.

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