Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Miranda Mercury!

The Many Adventures of Miranda Mercury #295
Brandon Thomas & Lee Ferguson

Another superhero book launched from Archaia Studios Press last week in the form of The Many Adventures of Miranda Mercury #295. Obviously, this isn't the 295th issue of the book, however the book gives that sort of impression, hinting at a long history with the villain at the beginning of the book, and a strong relationship between Miranda and her sidekick. Beyond that, this book is pretty straight-forward. The art is nice with great action scenes. I love the design of Miranda and her villains. And I noticed the pacing in this book too. The creators know when to slow the flow of reading down and emphasize those vital character moments that make a reader care about the character and want to come back for more, particularly toward the latter part of the issue. The book following "the galaxy's greatest adventurer" may not be revolutionary or anything, but it's a really well-executed superhero book. It's a five issue mini-series, building toward an explosive "300th issue." Check out the Miranda Mercury site and you can sample the first ten pages.

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