Friday, March 07, 2008

Okko: The Cycle of Water


The ronin Okko leads a pack of demon hunters across a fantastic world in the first mini-series from the Okko series (the second of which has just started to be published in floppies from Archaia Studios Press in the form of Okko: The Cycle of Earth). Amid French artist Hub’s beautiful, lush artwork, he maneuvers his characters, including a masked giant and a sake-loving monk, through rich landscapes, pitting them against monster and ninja alike. Expect plenty of action and blood as the brisk action takes you to unexpected places in a story that kept me in suspense right up to the final panel. I thought that the characters were all really immediately appealing - even the villains were pretty fantastic in their own way once the mysteries shrouding them began to unfold. Creepy, beautiful and really quite haunting, Okko: The Cycle of Water is as original as they come in mainstream comics and I highly recommend seeking it out.

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