Monday, February 27, 2006

RIP Speakeasy

As reported by Newsarama, Speakeasy Comics will cease publication. It's always too bad when a new publisher isn't able to make it. I had a kind of affection for Speakeasy, even though I didn't really care for some of the books I picked up from them. I did read The Grimoire for the first half dozen issues and have been looking forward to Elk's Run being collected (which may still happen elsewhere). The recently released Athena Voltaire mini-series was a really good read and kind of reinvigorated my excitement for the company in the face of several disappointments, but at least Athena Voltaire will continue in its webcomics form and maybe (hopefully) The Flight of the Phoenix mini will move to another publisher. Chris Butcher reported a Speakeasy source as saying that March books will still ship, so I'm going to at least get my hands on the second issue for now... This isn't as devastating a blow as Crossgen's demise, as I was quite invested in many of those titles and characters, but it's still too bad.

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