Friday, February 10, 2006

Eden: It's An Endless World!

I'd been meaning to check this one out for awhile now. The cover for volume one of this series is really beautiful, I think, and the interior? Just as wonderful. Even absolutely horrifying images of corpses and gore are hard not to admire right along with great close-ups of soft shading upon the main character, Elijah's face. Eden: It's An Endless World! is basically a post-apocalyptic manga, where a virus has decimated most of the world's populace, forcing many people to forego their flesh for cybernetic bodies, and others to scavenge for food and shelter, avoiding the Propater, a vicious military group. Mysteries are abundant in this book, from a killing machine to the corpse of a young boy ravaged by dogs to the father that Elijah remembers nothing about. The fluid storytelling leaves these questions on our minds, salivating for more, while touching us with moments of real tenderness. Eden really does shine in a genre that's grown tired over the years.

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