Friday, February 24, 2006

Black Widow 2

The Things They Say About Her is Richard K. Morgan's follow-up to his previous Black Widow mini-series, Homecoming. Some events from that story are carried on here, but for the most part, it is a story all its own. This six-issue mini-series follows Natasha Romonova as she attempts to track down Sally Anne, a runaway being used in experiments that are tied up with the Black Widow program conditioning that have affected her life, and the lives of over two dozen other Black Widows. Throughout her adventure to Cuba, Natasha encounters Yelena Bolova, the blonde Black Widow who has starred in previous Black Widow adventures in Natasha's stead, as well as Nick Fury and Daredevil himself. Sean Phillips layed out the series with Bill Sienkiewicz doing finishes. Unfortunately, the art was pretty much the only thing this story had going for it. Richard K. Morgan manages to make an uncompelling Black Widow story even less compelling in this sequel of sorts. Full of dull villains navigating through a completely lackluster story, Natasha really doesn't have much to work with here, and ends her story in a climax that leaves one feeling completely cheated and unfulfilled. Now, granted, Richard K. Morgan had some big shoes to fill following Greg Rucka's mastery of the character in the three previous mini-series (one of which stars Yelena in an S&M club called Pale Little Spider), Morgan should almost be embarrassed with the mess he produced here. A charming character goes completely wasted, with only Phillips' and Sienkiewicz' art to counter it being dubbed a complete waste of time and money. The Things They Say About Her...I say check out Rucka's works based on the character and leave this mess be.

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