Saturday, February 18, 2006

In Passing...Runaways to Spider-woman

A lot of really good action in the floppies this week. New Avengers and Manhunter were pretty much straight action, and great action at that. Spider-woman: Origin contained probably one of the most satisfying action scenes I've read in awhile...

The New Avengers #16 - We're already sixteen issues into this series? That went rather quickly. First of all, loved the art. Steve McNiven is awesome. And while this issue had no actual Avengers in it aside from a brief video interview with Tony Stark, it was really exciting. Mostly, the story takes place on a SHIELD aircraft where the agents basically watch a super-powered being have a lot of fun killing people. And I had fun watching it. 8.7/10

X-Statix Presents: Deadgirl #2 (of 5) - This is really a fun series. It's really silly, but seeing a bunch of dead characters in one comic again is nerdtastic. Dr. Strange is awesome, even though I've never really thought of him as hot like the girls in the book seem to... And I like Deadgirl's choice of friends: Mocking Bird, Moira MacTaggert and Gwen Stacy. Though having them in Hell is kinda harsh, isn't it? 8.3/10

Runaways #13 - A stand-alone issue featuring Molly, as she fights a child-persecuting villain and his pickpocketing ring. I really enjoyed Adrian Alphona's art throughout the entire issue, particularly the children's clothing. It wasn't a very riveting story, however. Probably one of the worst, in fact. 5.0/10

Spider-woman: Origin #3 (of 5) - Jessica Drew confronts Fury and learns the truth about her past. This issue has some really great action sequences and just nice moments that showcase how cool this character really is. The best of the mini so far. 9.4/10

Manhunter #19 - The "Who's Your Daddy?" story arc comes to an end as Kate Spencer confronts her father as he threatens the ones she loves. However, Kate's actions kind of leave one wondering how far the apple has fallen from the tree. Kate is continuously one of the most interesting, complex superhero characters. 8.9/10

Testament #3 - The conspiracies keep coming and the mysteries are slowly unfolding as the university rioters are taken captive by the government. Goddesses intervene and the characters of the story blur with those of characters from a Biblical time. It is intriguing as I read the series, but the way some things are solved are too simple and it just keeps getting sillier. This is always a hard book to talk about - it's kind of complicated and it just doesn't sound very cool when you explain it. But anyway, I can't in good conscience recommend this book, so don't try working out my ramblings. This was my last issue. If I hear good things later on, I'll pick up the trade, but it just seems to be getting progressively worse, so I'm going to have to pass. 5.3/10

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