Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Gotham City Sirens #1

Paul Dini & Guillem March
Following the launch of his other new Batman title a few weeks back (Batman: Gotham Nights), Paul Dini (writer/producer on Batman: The Animated Series) returns to his girls in the new book Gotham City Sirens, which pairs up buds Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn with the recently-traumatized Catwoman. I didn't follow the whole Batman: Battle For the Cowl crossover that led to the new reinvigorated Bat-universe that seems to be exploding, but apparently Selina went through some trials, which is why she finds herself being crushed by D-level villain Boneblaster, who's new to the whole supervillain gig. But together with Pamela and Harley, the guy doesn't stand a chance. This book also guest stars The Riddler and Zatanna.
I like the idea of a book dedicated to the supervillainesses of Batman, especially since I loved Harley and Ivy's dynamic in Batman: The Animated Series and the webcomic that paired them was such a fan-favorite. Poison Ivy is easily my favorite Batman villain, so it doesn't hurt that she's on the roster, and Catwoman is a good foil for the two psychotic women. This book is a little on the goofy side, but it works, especially under the drawing hand of Guillem March, who knows how to make the women beautiful, deadly and cartoony all at the same time. The tone of this book is established really well in this debut issue and it certainly has a place in the DC Universe.

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