Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thor: The Truth of History #1

Alan Davis
Thor: The Truth of History is a one-shot written and illustrated by Alan Davis. I'm a big fan of Alan Davis, who is actually the first artist whose style I was able to recognize, growing up on Excalibur comics. This issue reminded me of Excalibur in a away, actually. Kind of Cross-Time Caper-ish with Thor and a few fellow gods traveling to Midguard to find a missing friend. On Midguard (Earth), they encounter the people of Ancient Egypt who view them as demons and beg to be left alone, while Thor and his fellow gods imagine the people are humbled and fearful, and view them as the gods that they are. It's wacky with that offbeat style that similarly made Excalibur stand out from the other dozen X-titles of the time. Overall, this is a very straight-forward story that's hardly memorable. The gods fight some mutants or something that are posing as Egyptian gods. Nothing very inspired.
I've never been a big fan of Thor. My only encounters of the character have been through appearances in various Avengers titles in the 90's and his crossover appearances following his recent resurrection. His "thee's" and "thou's" always came off as a little silly to me, so I never got into his solo titles, even though I hear that Jack Kirby's Thor is fantastic. I think that if I'm going to read any more works involving the character, it'll be in that direction, rather than picking up random forgettable stories such as this one.