Tuesday, October 07, 2008

In Stores 10/8

These are the books with most potential shipping to comic shops on Wednesday. Lots of stuff this week!
Pick of the Week
Black Jack (Volume 1) TP - Vertical brings us more Osamu Tezuka in the form of Black Jack, following the medical adventures of the doctor of the same name. A hardcover version of the first volume shipped exclusively to comic shops a few weeks back (with some supplemental material) - this is the softcover version you'll be able to find in bookstores soon as well as on the shelves of your local comic shop tomorrow.
Other Noteworthy Releases
After 9/11: America's War On
.....Terror HC/SC
Amazing Spider-Girl #25
Annihilation Classic HC
Anthology of Graphic Fiction (Volume 2) HC
Astral Project (Volume 1)
Batman and the Outsiders (Volume 1): The Chrysalis TP
Birds of Prey: Metropolis or Dust TP
Black Summer HC
Blank Slate (Volume 1) - Review here.
Crossed #1 (of 9)
Ender's Game: Battle School #1 (of 5)
Ferryman #1 (of 5) - From Manhunter's Marc Andreyko
Gears of War #1
Gus & His Gang SC
Hellboy (Volume 2): Chained Coffin & Others Library Edition HC
Hikaru No Go (Volume 13)
Immortal Iron Fist (Volume 3): Book of Iron Fist Premiere HC
Iron Man: The Dragon Seed Saga TP
The Legend of Zelda (Volume 1)
Lost Colony (Book 3): Lost Rights SC
Marvel Zombies 3 #1 (of 4)
Ms. Marvel (Volume 5): Secret Invasion Premiere HC
One Piece (Volume 19)
Owly (Volume 5): Tiny Tales
Presidential Material: Barack Obama
Presidential Material: Flipbook
Presidential Material: John McCain
Punisher Max (Volume 10): Valley Forge TP
Ral Ω Grad (Volume 2)
Schulz and Peanuts SC
Serenity: Better Days TP
Showcase Presents Blackhawk (Volume 1) TP
Speed Racer: The Next Generation (Volume 1)
Sulk (Volume 1): Bighead & Friends
We Lost the War But Not the Battle
X-Men: Original Sin #1
Young Avengers Presents TP

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