Thursday, October 02, 2008

Ms. Marvel #31

Brian Reed & Marcos Marz
Whenever Brian Reed’s Ms. Marvel isn’t in the midst of a company-wide crossover event, I’m consistently impressed with the title. This latest issue is a standalone that explores Carol Danvers as a person, forgoing anything resembling a fight. And it was still extremely riveting. I like the human side of the character and this issue reinforces that as readers get to see her struggle with her humanity, and more specifically, how she relates to other people. In this issue “Family,” Carol returns to see her parents and brother, as she’s received word that her father has a short time to live. And despite being around these people she’s known her whole life, she can’t bring forth any emotional attachment to them. She chalks it up to when Rogue stole her memories and powers early in her career, but as she relives the bad experiences she’s had with her father, and the resentment she felt toward a family that valued her dead older brother over herself, it becomes apparent that it’s much more than that. I’m not really familiar with Marcos Marz, but I enjoyed his art on the book, and I am ever so thankful that Greg Horn is no longer pasting those horrid paintings on the covers of this book. Thank you, new cover artist Frank Martin Jr. I’m genuinely interested to see where Brian Reed goes next with this book, and I hope he has intentions of exploring more of who Carol Danvers is.

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