Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sky Doll #1 (of 3)

Alessandro Barbucci & Barbara Canepa

Soleil is a popular publisher of genre comics in France. Marvel recently acquired the rights to publish Soleil comics in English, Sky Doll being the very first offering to hit stands. The debut issue is 44 pages long with other future Soleil offerings previewed in the back. As far as first issues go, this is a very strong debut. Forty-four pages is a good amount of space to get a story rolling, and I feel like I got a full story from just this initial issue. A lot of action, likable characters and phenomenal art. The creators worked together on story, art and colors alike for a perfect overall package. I haven't seen cartooning this amazing in years, and somehow it's really appealing in a science fiction environment with adult themes. The story follows Noa, a robot owned by an abrasive fellow who has her, along with other robot "dolls," washing space cars seductively. In one funny little scene, events are going on surrounding two men in a space vehicle at the wash, oblivious to the dolls who are rubbing their breasts and butts against the windows while they clean in the background. But beyond the nudity and humor, there's a lot of substance in what's going on in this world that Barbucci and Canepa have created, surrounding religious figures, oppression and sexuality. It's all very interesting with a fun tone - captivating, beautiful and well worth the cover price.

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