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Previews: August '08 Comics

Here I am once again picking out the gems from the intimidating Previews Catalogue... These are books that will be shipping to comic shops in August.

Abstract Studios

Terry Moore's Echo (Volume 1): Silver Rain TP - I think only two issues of the series have come out so far, but apparently a collection of the first five issues of Terry Moore's new series is on the way.
Archaia Studios Press
These may be on hold with the company's recently announced restructuring, but it's nice to know that some good stuff's on the way when they resume publishing in a few months...

Mouse Guard Role-Playing Game HC - I don't get into role-playing games, but if I were, this one featuring adorable mice would be on my must-list. Just in time for the arrival of the final issue of Mouse Guard: Winter 1152.

The God Machine #1 (of 5) - A mortal stumbles upon gods in the graveyard of his recently deceased girlfriend. And other stuff.

Buenaventura Press
The Complete Jack Survives HC - Jack Moriarty's acclaimed strip Jack Survives! (which originally debuted in the 80's in Spiegelman's RAW anthology) is collected in an oversized color edition with an introduction by Chris Ware.
Boy's Club #1 - Teenage monsters living like teenagers do - playing video games, eating pizza, drinking... This issue is supposed to be pretty damn funny.

Cartoon Books

Jeff Smith: Bone and Beyond HC - Published in conjunction with the Wexner Center and Cartoon Research Library's exhibit on the subject, this art book includes much of the material presented there, such as original drawings from Bone and work from RASL and Shazam: The Monster Society of Evil, as well as reprinting comics that influenced Jeff Smith, by greats like Walt Kelly, George Herriman and Charles Schulz. Plus other goodies. Also available this month: a Life-Sized Fone Bone plush toy and Bone Boxed Set #1, collecting the first three color-editions of the graphic novels.

Dark Horse

Serenity: Better Days TP - A collection of the three issue series by Joss Whedon, Brett Matthews and Will Conrad, based on the Firefly television series by Whedon, taking place prior to the film Serenity.

The Umbrella Academy: Apocalypse Suite Limited Edition HC - If you really liked Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba's acclaimed mini-series, this oversized hardcover includes plenty of extras like concept designs and a sketchbook, as well as commentary by the artists. The catch: it's $80.

Hellboy: Library Edition (Volume 2) - With the movie coming out this summer, this should be a nice collection to add to the bookshelf. This particular volume includes The Chained Coffin, The Right Hand of Doom and other stories.

DC Comics

All-Star Superman #12 - The final issue of Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely's acclaimed run has finally arrived. Prepare to be awed.

Showcase Presents: Blackhawk (Volume 1) TP - I hear this is supposed to be a fun series. Bruce Timm mentioned being a fan in one commentary or another.

Janes In Love - The Plain Janes gets a sequel. The characters from the hit Minx title return in a brand-new adventure by Cecil Castellucci and Jim Rugg.

Air #1 - The creative team behind the graphic novel Cairo (also available in softcover this month) return with a new Vertigo series, the first issue of which is double-sized, but not double-priced.

Fables: Covers by James Jean HC - Finally those beautiful Fables covers you've been ogling for years are collected together in a nice art book.

Devil's Due Publishing

Balls: Incredible Change-Bots Vinyl Figure - If you were a fan of Jeffrey Brown's The Incredible Change-Bots, then get the figure, with real transforming action!

Drawn & Quarterly

Against Pain HC - New Ron Rege Jr., collecting pieces from his "cute-brut" world.

Berlin (Book 2): City of Smoke TP - The second book in the historical Berlin trilogy finally arrives in stores this month.

Jamilti & other stories HC - Hot on the heels of cartoonist Rutu Modan's acclaimed Exit Wounds is short works created by Modan over the past five years.

Disappearance Day GN - The award-winning autobiographical story by Hideo Azuma follows the cartoonist's disappearances from his life, involving suicide attempts and a descent into alcoholism.
Fantagraphics Books

Ghost World: The Special Edition - Lots of extras tacked onto the original graphic novel by Daniel Clowes, including plenty of behind-the-scenes film stuff.
The Complete Peanuts: 1969-1970 - The latest volume of this archival project includes the naming of a certain little yellow bird. Also available this month is the annual boxed set collecting this volume and the one prior.
:01 First Second Books

The Amazing Remarkable Monsieur Leotard SC - The new graphic novel by Eddie Campbell and Dan Best, in which a young man replaces his uncle as acrobat and leader of a circus troupe.

Image Comics

Tellos Colossal (Volume 2) HC - Collecting the final books in the Tellos story. While the late great Mike Weiringo doesn't seem to be involved in these issues, it's still a nice companion to the first hardcover.

Ultra: Seven Days TP (New Printing) - The book that propelled The Luna Brothers to prominence returns in a new printing. One of my favorite superhero books.

Last Gasp

Tokyo Zombies SC - A new horror-comedy manga from Yusaku Hanakuma. Could be interesting...

Marvel Comics

Runaways #1 - Runaways relaunches with a new number one as new creative team Terry Moore and Humberto Ramos take over writing the crazy kids.

NYX: No Way Home #1 (of 6) - The short-lived NYX series rears its head once more in a mini-series by novelist Marjorie Liu and Kalman Andrasofsky.

Elektra by Frank Miller Omnibus HC - Frank Miller's fantastic Elektra stories are all collected in this much-deserved format. If you haven't read this material, you're missing out and should really consider this purchase. Elektra: Assassin is one of my favorite superhero stories ever and is included within. Art by Frank Miller and Bill Sienkiewicz.
***Pick of the Month***
ClanDestine: Blood Relative Premiere HC - Alan Davis revives the series he created for Marvel UK in a five issue mini-series, collected here.

Spider-Man J: Turning Japanese Digest - Yamanaka Akira's Japanese version of Spider-Man, available in the US for the first time.

Oni Press
Local HC - Finally, a collection of Brian Wood and Ryan Kelly's entire mini-series, all under one cover.
Raw Junior LLC
Stinky GN - A children's comic by the very talented Eleanor Davis, frequent contributor to the Mome anthology.
Red 5 Comics

Atomic Robo: The Dogs of War #1 (of 5) - A new mini-series following up on the Eisner-award nominated Atomic Robo.
Top Shelf Productions
Owly (Volume 5): Tiny Tales GN - A new collection featuring Andy Runton's lovable all-ages creation Owly, collecting odds and ends.

How To Love HC - From the artists of Actus Independent Comics come six stories of the unconventional side of love.

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