Saturday, October 20, 2007

Suburban Glamour #1 (of 4)

Jamie McKelvie

Suburban Glamour is a four issue mini-series that launched this past week from Image Comics, and one that caught my eye through a recent preview at Comic Book Resources. I really like the art on the book and all that that entails: character designs, panel's all executed pretty much perfectly. This is the sort of art that I stop to stare at and admire, and I really couldn't get over the designs of some of the characters, and the fashion that went hand-in-hand with them. This book follows a group of not-so-popular kids who live in Suburbia and wish nothing more than to leave it behind. I think that the portrait that McKelvie paints of this sort of scenario works really well, and it has some really sharp and witty dialogue to propel the scenes along, something that was pretty vital to the story since this book is pretty much all talking. It was a little weird when some of the more supernatural elements came in at the end of the issue (particularly in conversation), but things were set up earlier on, so I can't fault it too much - it was just a little sudden given the normalcy of most of the book. This is really a fantastic start to the mini-series with all of the elements present that you need for a great reading experience. A+

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