Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Picks of the Week: 10/31

When you hit the comic stores today, here are your best bets for where to invest your money...

Patrick's Pick:

MAGGOTS - From the book jacket: “MAGGOTS is a facsimile of a book Brian Chippendale completed - but never printed- in 1996 and ‘97 while living in Fort Thunder, Providence, RI. Frantically drawn over the pages of a Japanese book catalog, Chippendale’s first masterpiece has lain dormant for a decade. Now the author of Ninja and drummer for Lightning Bolt takes readers back to where it all began…”

Christ, there’s a lot of great books out this week. I hope you’re able to buy a lot of them, but if you can only get one I’d have to go with this bizarre fever dream of a graphic novel from comics’ bleeding edge, one of the central texts for those interested in the “Fort Thunder” aesthetic, and a long time coming to the direct market. Not to be missed.

Dave's Pick:

Tezuka's MW - It's always a good week when a manga from the master comes out. I don't know anything about Osama Tezuka's MW, but it's sure to be fantastic if Vertical's other recent releases are any indication.

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