Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Picks of the Week: 10/3

Here are our picks for your best bets on where to spend your money this Wednesday when books arrive at the local comic shop...

Patrick’s Pick

Comic Art Magazine #9 -This is the latest issue of the best magazine about comics currently being published. Probably the best ever, actually. Although, I guess it can be considered more an annual series of books than a magazine these days. I was fortunate enough to have purchased a copy at this year’s Toronto Comic Art Festival, and I assure you it’s packed with terrific articles and the gorgeous production values the magazine has become famous for. Among my personal favorite features this issue are an excellent overview of the life and career of the alternative cartoonist Kaz, an appreciation of Jesse Marsh by Ron Goulart accompanied by an interview with Gilbert Hernandez conducted by Adrian Tomine discussing Marsh’s work, and a special accompanying booklet, Cartooning: Philosophy and Practice, by Ivan Brunetti, which essentially presents the course on cartooning he teaches into a book, one that is a delight to read through even if you have no interest in becoming a cartoonist yourself. And, really, so much more. This publication will make you excited and proud to be a comics fan, and should not be missed.

Dave’s Pick

Harvey Comics Classics (Volume 2): Richie Rich TP - This is the second in a series of books being published by Dark Horse that feature classic comics created by Harvey Comics, following the heels of the initial book featuring Casper the Friendly Ghost, which was really impressive. This new collection reprints the best stories from as early as Richie Rich’s humble origins as a back-up feature in Little Dot Comics in 1953, to its classic mid-1960 years. There’s a comprehensive introduction by Jerry Beck, and I’m sure this is as beautifully restored as Casper was, with 64 color pages included.

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