Thursday, October 04, 2007

Omega the Unknown #1 (of 10)

Jonathan Lethem, Karl Rusnak, Farel Dalrymple & Paul Hornschemeier

I know nothing about the character Omega the Unknown, but the art on this book caught my eye, so I thought I’d give it a try (plus Paul Horschemeier of the wonderful Mother, Come Home is involved). Co-written by Jonathan Lethem, author of the novel Fortress of Solitude (which actually boasts references to Omega the Unknown), this is a high profile book that doesn’t really have the feel of your typical superhero book, but certainly does have elements of such, like robots and energy beams and whatnot. But, well, really I don’t know much of what was going on while I was reading this book, but it was cool and fun. Farel Dalrymple’s art gives it an alternative comics feel, which is appropriate given how the story doesn’t really read like a mainstream comic. It has a weird dream-like quality among the…well, dreams. But there’s plenty of action and mystery among the weirdness that make for a really intriguing debut issue. The story is ten issues long, and should it continue on its current track, it should be a pretty interesting story with more in common with some of the Hernandez Brothers’ weird sci-fi work than your typical Marvel comic, not to make it seem like more than what it is... B

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