Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Picks of the Week: 6/20

New weekly feature! Patrick and I will each pick a collection or comic shipping to comic stores each week to highlight, that will hopefully tempt you to add it to your collection...

Patrick's Pick:
New Gilbert Hernandez - Gilbert Hernandez may be the greatest living cartoonist, and there are two new publications showcasing his considerable talent out this week:

* Human Diastrophism: Palomar (Volume 2) - The second Gilbert volume in the new Love & Rockets reprint effort features some of Hernandez' most acclaimed work from that venerable series. This handsomely designed series of books may be the best way to experience this material, and might be worth buying even if you already own the comics in one form or another.

* New Tales From Old Palomar #2 - Hernandez took full advantage of the lovely Ignatz format in the first issue of this limited series, and this issue sounds pretty great.

Dave's Pick:
Death Note (Volume 12) - The final volume of one of the best manga to come out in recent years has finally arrived, bringing the years of power struggles and manipulations to its ultimate conclusion. Read the review of it here.

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