Tuesday, January 23, 2007

New Releases 1/23 - 1/26

The week's entertainment release highlights...

DVD Releases (Tues, 1/23)
Avatar: Book Two, Volume One
The Guardian
The Invincible Iron Man
Jesus Camp
Monsters and Madmen: Criterion Collection
The Puffy Chair
Sanjuro: Criterion Collection
Saw 3
This Film Is Not Yet Rated
Yojimbo: Criterion Collection

Previous Week:
IMDb Top DVD Rental: Crank
Billboard Top DVD Sales: Snakes On a Plane

Music Releases (Tues, 1/23)
2007 Grammy Nominees
Gipsy Kings - Pasajero
John Mellancamp - Freedom's Road
Kenny Wayne Shepherd - 10 Days Out (Blues From the Backroads)
The Shins - Wincing the Night Away

Previous Week:
Billboard Top 200 #1: Dreamgirls O.S.T.

Comic Releases (Wed, 1/24)
Civil War: The Return
Claws: Wolverine and Black Cat HC
Lucifer (Volume 11): Evensong
Marvel Masterworks: Warlock (Volume 1)
Showcase Presents: The Brave and the Bold Batman Team-Ups (Vol. 1)
Silent War #1 (of 6)
Tanpenshu (Volume 1)
X-Factor: Life and Death Matters HC

Theatrical Releases (Fri, 1/26)
Blood and Chocolate
Catch and Release
Epic Movie
Smokin' Aces

Previous Week #1: Stomp the Yard

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