Monday, January 01, 2007

Manga Monday 21

Fruits Basket (Volume 1)
Natsuki Takaya

The insanely popular Fruits Basket is a really cute shoujo manga. It's about an orphaned girl who moves into a house with a few boys who happen to be possessed by spirits of the zodiac. And every time someone of the opposite sex hugs them, they turn into their cute zodiac animals. Thus hilarity ensues. I'm not a huge fan of Takaya's art on the series, but it gets the job done and when she does "cute," she does "cute" well. Not hard to see why girls love the book. If anything, Takaya's a really good storyteller. I was really impressed with how she was able to introduce her audience to such mysterious characters and slowly peel back the layers to show us their true natures. A-

The Drifting Classroom (Volume 3)
Kazuo Umezu

Screaming, stabbings, misunderstandings that go way way too far...The Drifting Classroom's got it all in complete over-the-top fashion. The horror title from Kazuo Umezu isn't as horrifying as it is so ridiculous that it's really great. This volume sees a boy tied up on a cross and an alien bug monster. It also gives a little clarification to what exactly the situation is that the children find themselves in, in a scene with the protagonist's mother. A-

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