Thursday, January 18, 2007

In Passing...Superman to newuniversal

I'm finally caught up on my comics from the last two weeks, so I've got a bit of ground to cover today...

All-Star Superman #6
Grant Morrison & Frank Quitely

This series is, quite honestly, hit or miss for me. I do appreciate how Morrison and Quitely are able to consistently put out self-contained issues, and the art is always great, but I find some of the issues just plain bland. This issue was a cool idea, but I certainly wasn't blown away by the concept or the interaction of the characters or anything. It was just kind of there. But no matter what with Morrison's stories, there are always cool moments. In this issue, Superman and Krypto playing together with a tree was a great sequence. C

Civil War #6 (of 7)
Mark Millar & Steve McNiven

A few neat ideas are thrown into this issue of Marvel's huge crossover event as Cap's team attempts to level the playing field. Nothing particularly shocking occurs here like seems to have happened with every other issue of the series, but there were some nice moments between characters, like with Sue Storm and Namor. Fantastic art as usual. Next issue: the conclusion. C+

Uncanny X-Men #482
Ed Brubaker & Billy Tan

The X-Men meet up with the Starjammers for a little reunion between father and son as they attempt to rescue the captured Empress Lilandra, while Darwin tries to save Xavier from certain death. This is much better than a secondary X-title has been in awhile, but it still just doesn't hold a candle to a flagship book like Astonishing X-Men. C

Ms. Marvel #11
Brian Reed & Roberto De La Torre

Carol's trying her best to have a normal life on the side, but damn those supervillains if they don't keep interupting. Doomsday Man returns and seeks revenge upon Ms. Marvel and things pretty much go to hell from there. Not the best of issues, but not the worst. C

Manhunter #27
Marc Andreyko, Javier Pina & Fernando Blanco

This book's loyal fan base just wasn't enough to save it...again. As of issue 30, Manhunter is once again canceled, which is a shame for sure since it's easily one of the best books put out by DC on a regular basis. In this issue, Kate tries to defend Wonder Woman is trial against the staggering evidence before her while trying to keep up appearances with the press. B-

Runaways #23
Brian K. Vaughan & Adrian Alphona

I'm excited to see what Alphona's doing after his run on Runaways ends, because those pencils are fantastic! What a change from the first issue of the series! Chase continues to carry out his plot, which could hold dire consequences for the team. Things are coming to a head with the last few issues by the original creative team. A-

Ultimate Spider-Man #104
Brian Michael Bendis & Mark Bagley

And another legendary run comes to a conclusion very quickly as Bagley will be leaving this book after 100+ issues to pass pencil duties into Stuart Immonen's capable hands. The Clone Saga concludes with a battle between Spidey, the clones and Doctor Octopus. What a great storyarc. A-

newuniversal #2
Warren Ellis & Salvador Larroca

In wake of The White Event, the government decides to take some drastic measures as the three individuals who were empowered following the phenomenon try to deal with the strange abilities they've inherited. A really great beginning to the series with some fantastic art. A-

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Tony said...

nice reviews, Dave! I totally agree with you on CW #6, not really bad but nothing great either for the penultimate episode of this event. I LOVE Runaways on the other side and although I'll miss Vaughan on the writing I can't wait to see what Joss Whedon is going to do with them :)