Monday, July 02, 2012

Manga Monday: Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan (Volume 1)
Hajime Isayama

This Kodansha Manga Award-winning book takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where the remaining humans live behind a series of walls for their safety.  Earth has been overrun by giants that look like warped humans, and behave like savages, and seem to have a taste for human beings.  It's been a hundred years since the three walls were built to house the survivors, and while some of the remaining people explore the world beyond the walls to try to learn about the giants and fight them in their own territory (The Scouting Legion), it's mostly a taboo subject to speak of leaving their sanctuary.  Aside from The Scouting Legion, there are two other branches of the military in this world: Stationary troops, who protect the town and reinforce the walls, and The Military Police, who maintain public order.  Eren Jaeger wishes to join The Scouting Legion, despite the protests of his family, and once a titanic giant appears, eclipsing their 100-meter walls, and changing the playing field, he vows to kill the giants, especially the titan, once and for all.  This manga jumps forward in time after the giant titan attack, as this is a rather devestating event and holds repercussions for the main character, as well as the other survivors, bringing things to the present, where Eren is part of the military and participates in attacking the giants.  This is a really action-packed book, and while I wish some of the action was a little clearer and easier to follow, this book keeps its readers on the edge of their seats.  The world that Isayama has built is really interesting, and the mysterious past of the main character, along with his determined attitude, make you really root for him.  The giants are really creepy, with plenty of cool designs for the monsters, and haunting scenes involving them and their behavior, especially the chilling human looks they give before eating human beings.  Overall, this is a really fun new series, with some rather shocking events that take place that make you wonder where the author could possibly go with it next.  I definitely recommend people at least take a look at this book - it's a rather unique read.

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Sarah said...

I definitely agree with this review! The art is wonky and a little off-putting but the story is so fascinating, I can forgive it. And it sounds like the manga-ka has serious plans for where this series is going, which is great. Thank you for posting this!