Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Comics-and-More Podcast: Manara

On this month's Comics-and-More Podcast, Patrick Markfort and I discuss the first two volumes of Dark Horse's archival reprint project of Italian creator Milo Manara's work.

The Milo Manara Library (Volume 1): Indian Summer and Other Stories HC
Milo Manara & Hugo Pratt

The Milo Manara Library (Volume 2): El Gaucho and Other Stories HC
Milo Manara & Hugo Pratt

For further reading:
X-Women #1
Chris Claremont & Milo Manara

Manara Erotica (Volume 1) HC
Milo Manara

The Manara Library (Volume 3): Trip To Tulum and Other Stories HC
Milo Manara, Federico Fellini & Silverio Pisu

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